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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Come Find The Lost Cartographers At The Empty Bottle

The Lost Cartographers have hit the (kinda, sorta, in our minds at least) big-time. We'll be playing Chicago's legendary Empty Bottle on May 4 -- our biggest show yet, taking place on the same stage where famous acts like the Flaming Lips once played. As part of the Bottle's new "$3 Sunday" series, we'll be joined by old-school country troubadors the Long Gone Lonesome Boys and singer-songwriter Heather Perry (whose drummer happens to be an old bandmate of mine from my freshman year at Oberlin). The show starts at 9pm and the cover is, unsurprisingly, $3 (you can buy tickets in advance).


Ellie said...

How was the show? Sorry I have arrived so late at your blog. It is so weird that I found out about your blog from Mr Cavin who read it from Vietnam. Your readership has gone international!

Aaron Rester said...

That's funny, Ellie -- why did you think my little face was popping up next to my comments on your blog?

The show was ok, not our best and not terribly well-attended. But do you know who the aforementioned drummer is? Noah Samuels. 'Member him? It is a small damn world.