Rough Mix Issue #19: Pandemic at the Disco!


It’s only been two weeks since the last newsletter, but that sure does seem like a very, very long time ago. As many of us are stuck at home, looking for a way to occupy their time while under “stay at home” orders, one way for us to connect from across mandated social distances is through music. So I put together a brief playlist of songs that have taken on a new resonance in our strange new reality, and opened it up to your submissions as well. Just save the playlist to your Spotify library, then you’ll be able to add songs to it. Add your favorite tunes about social distancing, working from home, general anxiety, whatever. Bonus points for tongues lodged firmly in cheek.

Please note: this is not intended to in anyway make light of the current situation, just to provide a chance for us to connect, and maybe put a smile on each other’s faces, while we all try to make it through these difficult times.

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