How to Do Social Media Right (and Wrong)

(You might notice that this post looks a bit a different than usual — it was prepared with a new online tool called Storify, that makes it easy to stitch together narratives using the atomic elements of social media: tweets, Facebook status updates, and so on. They’re still in beta, but you can learn more or sign up for an invite here; it only took a couple of weeks for me to receive mine.)

3 Replies to “How to Do Social Media Right (and Wrong)”

  1. Will post a pic of the book when the Cofrin Library gets it. 🙂

    Thanks for blogging this, so I didn't have to. Nicely done with storify FTW!

  2. That was enjoyable to witness the first time, and I couldn't help but smile re-reading it here.

    Aside: Do you think Storify is going to hurt your search engine rankings? Because of how the story is embedded, the content of your Storify doesn't show in your source and is hidden from Google. Just an observation.

  3. @Todd – my pleasure.

    @Chas – That's a good point. But I think that the views on Storify itself (38 as of this morning) more than make up for any search engine traffic I'd be missing out on. Since I'm not necessarily trying to drive traffic to my site (no ads that need eyeballs, etc.), that's good enough for me. But it might be a good idea to include a transcript hidden from browsers (though I suppose that might potentially cause trouble with Google?)

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