Upcoming Talks at #heweb12

The schedule has been finalized for a while, but I’m just now getting around to announcing that I’ll be giving a couple of talks at the upcoming 2012 HighEdWeb conference, the annual think-and-fun-fest of the Higher Education Web Professionals Association, in Milwaukee (affectionately known as “#heweb12“). Last year’s conference, in Austin, was my first #heweb, and I managed to make it out with my sole responsibility being leading a Johnny Cash cover band. This year I’ll be making up for it by participating in two presentations. One, “There’s Life Beyond the Four-Year University,” will be a panel discussion with Tonya Oaks Smith and Shari Erwin about the communications challenges that face web professionals in settings other than the standard undergraduate campus. The other, “Reach Out and Touch Someone: Marshall McLuhan and the Tactile Web” will use the ideas of the famous media theorist to examine the rise of the touch-based web. Alas, if you haven’t already registered, #heweb12 is sold out, but be sure to follow the hashtag on Twitter and keep an eye on the HighEdWeb site for recaps.

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